[dropcap]I[/dropcap]n a chance dinner with some co-workers in late 2008 one of my peers mentioned something about competitive shooting which piqued my interest. He busted out his Macbook and showed me a few videos of him competing in a Practical Rifle match and I thought it looked like something I had to try. After finding a local club and purchasing an appropriate rifle I signed up for an IPSC certification class were I discovered how uncomfortable I felt with a firearm and how poorly I used them. Until this point I had only used a gun a few times to try and hit a soda can, so I realized I had to get proficient on my own before I could even think about getting into a match. So I started practicing and getting more familiar with my systems and the safest way to handle them. Once I felt that I could safely complete a match I entered my first USPSA match, took second for Production, and was instantly hooked on the sport. Since then I have striven to improve my skills and expanded into several other disciplines to include Practical Pistol, Practical Rifle, and most recently, Precision Rifle.