Although I’m really happy shooting Production, it seems to be a great fit for me personally, I really loved what I could do with an Open gun, but just didn’t like how many issues I had with it, the maintenance, the dependency on a gunsmith, etc. Given all of the frustration I had in Open, it just wasn’t worth it for me, but a red dot on a Production pistol? Now that’s something special. Anyone who’s followed this blog in the last year or so certainly has noticed my affinity for the Sig Sauer P320, so when they released the out of the box Carry Optics ready P320 RX, I took notice, but wasn’t immediately interested. But the thought of having all the things I love about Production combine with the best things I liked about Open, was an idea that just got under my skin and wouldn’t abate until it bubbled to the surface yesterday when a new Sig P320 RX followed my home from Cabela’s. 

I’ll have to order a Springer Precision guide rod and a new Small Grip Module (and have Alma Cole work his magic on it), and I should be good to try it out, shoot a match, and see how it goes. So stay tuned, and I’ll get more reports, thoughts, tips, and photos posted as I have a chance to run the new Carry Optics rig.

Foray into Carry Optics – the P320 RX
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