I know that this update is long overdue, but better late than never. Pictured above are my two Sig P320’s that I alternate between for USPSA Production division, and apart from the color, they are identical. I originally planned to have Burke, The Sig Armorer, perform his Competition Trigger Job, but unfortunately, the FCUs I received back from him didn’t function in a small grip module and he couldn’t get them to perform well/reliably in a small grip module, so I had to replace them. If you use a small grip, you might want to use Gray Guns for your P320 work. 

Both of my P320’s are essentially stock, just with copious amounts of polishing and one of the two sear springs removed which yields around a 5.5 lb trigger pull, which sounds a little on the heavy side, but it’s such a great trigger that it “feels” lighter. I have no issues regularly getting .17 splits with it, so I really can’t complain. Perhaps one day I’ll send one over to Bruce Gray or his drop in kit will actually materialize. And unicorns are real…


Aside from the FCU, both pistols have a small grip module that I received from Alma Cole and have the grit epoxied on them permanently so no more loose grip tape! As far as custom grips go, they don’t come any better than Alma’s. After trying out Yong Lee’s P320 last spring, I had to have ’em.

Both pistols sport Dawson Precision sights (the Competition rear with the 0.115 notch and the P Series front sight that has perfect POA/POI with 0.100 wide and 0.220 height), a Springer Precision guide rod with a Wolffe 14 lb variable spring. I’m still using the original Take Down Levers, but have the newer/smaller slide releases installed. 

“Ebony,” the black slide P320 is pushing 8500 rounds and “Ivory,” the bead blasted silver slide is pushing 4000 rounds and both run absolutely great. Ivory had very unreliable extraction at first, one FTE per 250 rounds, but a new extractor remedied that in short order. Ebony started to have extraction issues as well around 5000 rounds and was fixed with a new extractor as well. The extractors seem to be the only weak point on the platform that I’ve noticed so far. You might want to grab a couple and keep them in your range bag. Replace it at the first FTE and you should be good to go. I’ll put a post together that shows my parts kit, part numbers, and how to keep it all organized while taking up next to no space in your bag.

So am I happy with P320? You bet! In fact I haven’t touched my Glock G34’s since I started shooting the Sigs.




The Ultimate Sig P320 USPSA Production Project – UPDATE
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