Screen Shot 2016-01-01 at 9.13.10 AMAs 2015 yields to 2016 and the confetti is still being swept up from the ball drop, I like to reflect upon the last year’s shooting season and set my goals for following year. 2015 was pretty interesting for me competitively¬†in that is was as frustrating as it was gratifying. With only 6112 rounds fired this year, it is likely the least amount of shots fired since picking up the shooting sports. The same hip that I had reconstructed in January 2015 was re-injured and a subsequent surgery was required a few weeks ago. It’s been tough to compete, practice, and dry fire while needing to move very slow and gingerly, so as expected, my skills are not what they once were, and my stage times are pitiful.

I also really struggled with shooting in the Open division and the ongoing optic issues that seemed to haunt me. Going back to Production was really the shot in the arm I needed to put the energy and enthusiasm back into the sport for me. Conversely, discovering the Sig P320 has been one of the highlights of the year for me when it comes to equipment. It’s been a delight to shoot as well as the picture of reliability. Although I’m still waiting on my “Burke-a-fide” P320 race gun to find its way back from the smith, I continue to be impressed with the box stock P320 I’m using right now. Other than some decent sights, I could probably happily compete with the stock platform and not need anything more, it’s literally that good.

Outside of gear, shooting highlights of the year were pretty slim due to the fact I really didn’t get to shoot much. Ironically, I did wind up making A class in USPSA Production after shooting Open for a while. I guess I was able to pick up some skills in Open after all.

One other thing that I would file in the “good” column from 2015 is that I think I finally figured out how to train, as funny as that sounds. I recently posted about Training with Purpose and that has already beginning to accelerate my learning. I’ve been looking at shooting as if I’m just starting and questioning everything¬†I do and how I do it. For example, the way I grip my pistol has changed dramatically in the last month and just doing that has allowed me to break through some of my speed barriers. I’m starting back at the beginning and building each piece and skill back up in the proper way. I know that sounds pretty boring and vague, but in reality, it’s been invigorating and exciting.

So with that, let’s throw down the gauntlet and list the goals for the upcoming year.

  • I want to make Master class in Production. And not just get the card, I want to shoot at that level and then some. Even though I hold an A card now, I don’t consider myself an A class shooter, so I’ve got my work cut out for me. I really do feel that I’m discovering lots of new skills, so it’s just honing those and being consistent. Getting close.
  • Shot Confidence. I want to know that there are no shots that I can’t make and do it quickly. I’m getting back to that that with the Sig already, but that has always been freestyle, but I need to have that same confidence shooting strong hand only/weak hand only. Practice, practice, practice. Always working on the fundamentals and raising my baseline marksmanship skills.
  • Speed. Speed. And more speed.
  • Major matches – I did squeeze in a sectional match this year, but that was the extent of it. Hopefully I’ll get to an Area match and who know, perhaps I’ll make it to Nationals this year.


Shooting Stats for 2015