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I’ve recently moved to the Sig Sauer P320 as my new USPSA Production platform after quite a bit of vetting. The pistol fits me so well that I’m able to drive it much harder with less recoil than anything I’ve tried up to this point. It’s every bit as accurate as the CZ’s out there in Production, light as the Glock, and seems to be as reliable as they come. Out of the box it is very capable, but it does need a few items addressed to allow it’s driver to get everything it’s capable of delivering. With that in mind, I thought I’d outline what I’m doing to prepare my P320 for the world of competition.

The primary reason I switched to the Sig from the Glock was ergonomics. The gun has to fit your hand so the shooter and the pistol can achieve maximum performance. The P320 ships with a Medium size Grip Module but several sizes are available, so be sure to try out the various sizes and select the one that best fits your hands. In my case, the Small Grip Module fits extremely well. For a little more traction of the pistol, a sheet of tall custom grip tape from Springer Precision was added and baked on with a heat gun.

The stock sights were replaced with a set of Dawson Precision Sig P320 Competition Fixed Sight Set. I selected the 0.115 rear notch, and for the front I installed the 0.100 wide .215 tall fiber optic sight. I’m not totally crazy about the set, but it’ll due for now. I also bought the taller front sight since I have found that most sight sets are spot on at 7 yards, but much too hight at 25 yards, where I happen to like my zero. I am having a custom set of sights made to my exact specifications which I’ll expand upon later in the post.

The Fire Control Unit, of FCU, is the section that needs the most attention. I performed a polishing job on my FCU which dropped the pull weight down a little over a pound, but there is much more to be done here. As a matter of clarity, I bought a second P320 and have sent it off to Robert Burke, The Sig Armorer, for a competition action job, among other things. When to comes to custom Sig action work, the de facto top two gunsmiths is Bruce Gray of Gray Guns, and Robert Burke. I’ve never heard anyone who isn’t completely satisfied with the work from either of them, so pick one and get in line. As I mentioned in this post, the Burke FCU’s I received did not function properly, therefore I would not recommend The Sig Armorer. 

Aside from the Competition Action Job that Burke will be performing, he is going to bead blast the slide which is simply cosmetic, but I like the look of it with the black Grip Module. The Small Grip Module is being sent out for stippling to increase my grip on the pistol which I hope will be equivalent to the grip tape because I always seem to destroy the tape and it adds up pretty fast. The factory guide rod assemble will be replaced with one from Springer Precision that allows standard 1911 springs to be used. I believe Burke uses a 14 pound recoil spring in conjunction with his Competition Action Job, but I have a box of them in various weights so I can tune the pistol to my load.

I am very particular about my sights and my favorite set to date are the Taran Tactical sight set that I installed on my Glock. Trying to mimic that set, Burke is going to install a 0.125 rear and have a 0.115 made for the front. I also asked him make it a little taller than my 25 yard zero requires so he can remove as much material as possible from the top of the front sight post so the fiber optic is as close as possible to the top of the sight.

One other thing worth mentioning is that my second P320 came with a flat/flush take down lever, and a redesigned slide release lever that is much smaller and forward than the one on my first P320. It seems as though Sig has listened to the complaints of its customers and have taken steps to correct and improve those “less than perfect” attributes of the pistol. Kudos to them! I can’t wait to have the smaller slide release, but to be honest, I really like the big ole’ take down lever. I use it like an Open gun “gas pedal” to fight recoil as well as give me a consistent index point when mounting the gun.

Other odds and ends. I ordered the Boss holster hanger and a Comptac holster for my new Double Alpha belt. I am a fan of the CR Speed magazine pouches, but found there ins’t an insert that fits the Sig magazine. I wound up using the STI/SVI magazine insert with a large washer behind it and it fits perfectly. I also ordered a set of Springer Precision +.25 base pads for my magazines to help when grabbing them from the magazine pouches and inserting them into the gun. As far as lubrication goes, I bought a bottle of Lucas gun oil and a tube of the Lucas grease as well.

When it’s all said and done, I’ll have my “Burke-a-fide” race gun and my backup P320 (pictured at the top of the post) that I’ll use for dry fire since the heavier trigger should help keep me honest. I imagine I’ll have my gun back from Burke in a couple of weeks or so, so expect a new range report with all of the custom work and new race parts installed. Until then, train hard and shoot strait.

Sig P320 #1
The Ultimate Sig P320 USPSA Production Project
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