sig-sauer-p320Nope, it’s not April 1st, I am actually switching to a Sig Sauer P320. Seriously. Really, I am.

“But aren’t you a G34 guy?”
Yep, I am (was).

“But aren’t you always spewing off about sticking to a single platform and mastering it?”
Yep, that’s right. That’s what I advocate.

So with that, why the heck am I moving from my beloved Glocks the Sig? Ergonomics.

I’ve butted up agains some limitations with my Glocks that have been vexing me for quite some time now. Due to it’s size, er, my hand size, I simpley can’t reach the trigger without changing my grip from the optimal. I can hold the gun properly to manage recoil to the point where the sights barely lift, OR, run the trigger properly by getting my finger in the perfect position, 90 degree bend to pull strait back at speed without rubbing the frame or disturbing the sights. But I cannot do both simultaneously. The G34 is simple too big for my hands, even without the backstraps, to allow me to run the gun as well as I want.

My training partner has been shooting the P320 for a while now and I thought it was neat and all, but it’s not a Glock, soooo… But I happened to pick it and what do you know, it fits. If fits really darn well actually. For those not familiar with the platform, that is, most people, the P320 is a modular platform that allows caliber changes, uppers, lowers, etc. to be simply changed out at will. The serialized part of the firearm is the Fire Control Unit, or FCU, that sits between all of the other parts you can swap around. Well the lower my shooting partner has on his was the Full Size, Small Grip Module, which is pretty much the entire lower part of the gun. Instead of just having the choice of backstraps to adjust the grip, you have a large variety of lowers to choose from for the task at hand. So the Small Grip Module isn’t just a slightly shorter version of the regular grip, it’s entirely different as if the entire grip was scaled down which suite me quite well. Other than being thought of as Carnie Folk (small hands, smells like cabbage), it’s just fantastic.

The Sig P320 is also very nice out of the box. For a factory trigger it is divine albeit heavy, weighing in at over 8 lbs. on my trigger scale. With a partial disassembly and a bit of polishing using non-abrasive Flitz paste, it dropped to about 7.25 lbs. But don’t let the weight scare you, the quality overrides the quantity and if “feels” much lighter. On a side note, the quality of the parts were impressive. All of the little fiddley FCU parts really didn’t need much attention and I’m sure if I had just gone out and shot it It would have done the same thing as the polishing.

So overall, I’m very impressed with the innards and the ergonomics of the P320 so far. As you would expect from me, I will be posting quite a bit of detail around the P320 since there really doesn’t seem to be much about it yet. I’ll get it out to the range and get my initial thoughts up here soon, so stay tuned.

Switching to the Sig P320
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