sig_logo_blackI have zero patience as anyone who happens to know me can sure attest, so it shouldn’t surprise anyone that I found the closes match around and shot it. Nothing surprising about that at all, but I did so with a few “adjustments” that had yet to be tested. If you happened to catch my last post, which was a range report on my new P320, you probably recall me mentioning that the sights were severely off base, shooting about a foot high. Trying to fix that without having access to better sights, I did a bit of shade tree gunsmithing to try to get the sights to become useful. To bring the POI to the POA, I ground down quite a bit of material off of the rear sighs. Enough metal was removed that it took out the top section of the dots. I like a solid black rear sight, so I filled the dots with epoxy, filled flush, then painted black. The front sight needed quite a bit more work and I used a cutting wheel to cut a channel down the center of the sight as well as opening the sides up significantly. I then placed a piece of red fiber optic into the grove, melted the ends to keep it from moving, and filled the channel with epoxy which was filed flat. Yep, pretty hillbilly, but I didn’t want to wait until my new sights arrived before I could shoot, so there you go.

Worst...sights...ever...Worst...sights...ever...Worst...sights...ever...So I sauntered over to a Speed Steel match and registered in Limited, joined a squad, and hoped for the best. As you probably already guessed, it was a bit of a train wreck, initially that is. I totally butchered the first stage but once I figured out where I was hitting and applied a little “Kentucky windage,” I started connecting with the plates. After a little refinement of my grip I found that I merely needed to have the dot on the target (with my 5 o’clock hold for sight misalignment) to get a hit. The gun seems to have an innate desire to hit targets, so I let it do it’s thing.

After a few stages I was able to get an almost acceptable draw from surrender and my times began to drop into the reasonable. As luck would have it, my times wound up being lower than all of the centerfire shooters’ times in all of the divisions. There is no touching those rimfire guys though. Man, I freakin’ love this gun.

I simply cannot believe the effect that it’s ergonomics have had on my shooting. You cannot beat having a great grip while having your trigger finger in the correct position to pull strait back. I’m sold. In fact, I just ordered another P320 to have as a backup gun, and I don’t have to give up this one while the second one gets sent to gunsmith.

Stay tuned, as I will be outlining my strategy for building the Ultimate USPSA Production Sig Sauer P320, much like what I did with the two Glock G34’s, here and here.



First Match with the Sig Sauer P320F
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