What card do you have? Aaaaayyy!
What card do you have?

In a strange turn of events I found myself at a USPSA classifier match shooting Production with my G34. It was about a year since I shot it, but my Open gun was offline so I didn’t have a choice but to shoot my Glock. I was worried that I’d tank my percentage so I registered as Limited and thought I’d just shoot for fun since there was no chance of me not pooching the stages, after all, I’d been shooting a race gun with a dot for a year. But as I was stepping up to the line I realized that all of my stage planning, at least for the field courses, I’d planned for 10 round magazine changes and didn’t have time to re-plan my runs, so I thought what the heck, I’ll just shoot Production and asked the Nook wielding RO to quickly switch me to Production. I pretty much tanked the field course getting used to iron sights and sight focus again, but like riding a bicycle, you fall right back into line with a Glock and I shot the rest of the match pretty well (for me).

On the drive home I started crunching the numbers and was truly shocked to realized that I has stumbled into A Class! Oh irony. I busted my buns trying to get out of B Class and punted myself into Open, only to flub my way into A Class because my Open gun was at the shop. Whatever, I’ll take it! A card now in hand!

Movin’ On Up – A Class!
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