My well used and lightly abused G34

I thought that I would post an update on my season so far using the Gen 4 Glock G34 that I use to shoot Production class in USPSA. As you may recall, I shot various Smith&Wesson M&P pistols for years and pretty recently switched to a Glock G34 and haven’t looked back. In fact I just sold off my last centerfire M&P, so I’m solidly in the Glock camp now and just got a second G34 as a backup/dryfire gun. The ergonomics just work for me and the gun has been super reliable despite the lack of TLC I give it. You have to love that! As of this post I have almost 7000 rounds on it which isn’t supper impressive since many people compete with Glocks that have over 100,000 rounds through them. But what is impressive is that it’s been about 3000 rounds ago since it was cleaned or even lubed and still runs flawlessly and shoot great. It has proven itself to be a great runner and because of my confidence in it I can just focus on shooting my match without having to track down a bottle of oil like I’ve seen with some other shooters.

Now looking at the picture I just took of it you may notice that it looks like it has a lot more miles on it that its actually has. most of the external cosmetic wear has come from that vast amount of dryfire it gets. I think it’s had about a zillion trigger pulls on it as well but nothing has given out yet. I’ve also isolated my dryfire magazines away from my livefire mags, not just for the safety aspect, but since my dryfire magazine look like they’ve been through hell and back since they’ve all be dropped on cement floor more times than any mag should, but they keep on trucking. I haven’t even cracked a base plate yet which really speak volumes for the ruggedness of the platform. You just can’t complain about a gun that doesn’t get maintained, get rain poured on it half of the year, gets a ton of use, and despite all of that, keeps running like a champ.

Now that I’ve been using it for a while and dryfire with it almost daily, it really has become like an extension of my body. I simply look at the point I want to hit and it’s there, ready to deliver a shot. I’ve come a long way since I started using the Glock, and just earned my first match win with it, so I’m sold on it. I had planned to try out a STI at some point but I think I’ll just stick with the G34 for the foreseeable future since it’s just working for me.

So here’s to the next 7000 rounds from it! I wonder where I’ll be at that point?

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