bI attended the classifier match at Dundee last month which happened to be a classifier match that had 5 of the new 2013 classifier stages and two field courses. Since I’m working my way up to A class in Production I was excited that I would have a chance to shoot more classifiers but as luck would have it I wasn’t able to get out to practice much before the match. When I got to the signup sheet I got cold feet and selected Limited 10, a division I’ve never shot before nor do I really have any interest in competing in, but I thought it would be good practice without jeopardizing my production ranking.

I worked my way through the match with some good stages and some not so good stages, and even one great stage where I shot a master time. I wasn’t sure where things would shake out, but as it turns out you can shoot your Production gear in Limited 10 and make B class! I do find it somewhat ironic that it took me quite a bit of time and training to climb my way out of C class in Production and I shoot one match in L10 and make B.

On the other hand, it was great validation that all of the hard work is paying off with my shooting ability. It’s really gratifying to see real quantifiable progress from all of the many hours of dry fire.

Another B Classification
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