glock-g34As you might recall, I recently acquired a new Production pistol, a Gen 4 Glock 34, as an experiment to see if the ergonomics suited me better. Prior to the Glock I had been a stanch Smith & Wesson M&P proponent, shooting first the M&P Full Size 9mm and finally settled on the M&P Pro 9mm decked out with all of the Production legal Apex parts I could use. The M&P was indeed a great competition gun worthy of all of the accolades it has received. But the darn thing just didn’t work with my hands. I would have to break my grip to get to the magazine release and as much as a paradox as it sounds like, it was just too comfortable! It would feel great any way that you held it and didn’t seem to have a positive grip position that allowed me to consistently draw to the sights. So enter the Glock.

I purchased the G34 in September and added a Vanek trigger and Dawson fiber optic sights, then outfitted my belt with a new Blade-Tech holster and CR Speed mag pouches then got to work dry firing it to get used to it. When I put in hours of dry fire with the M&P I would literally soak the side with blood and developed leather pads all over my hands. Since moving to the Glock those pads have all but faded away and aside from developing “Glock knuckle” I have no ill effects to show from hours of dry fire.

So how does it run? Besides having a squib from an uncharged handload, it’s been 100 percent. Once I found how it likes to be gripped the thing just indexes for me and runs great. Anecdotally you hear about people moving from the Glock to the M&P so I know I’m going against the grain, but it’s hard to argue with the results. In fact I just sold the M&P Pro.

Although I’ve put just shy of 3000 rounds through it, I’ve put many hours of dry fire on it and it looks like it’s been in service for much longer than three months. I’ve shoot a few matches with it and shot Gabe White’s class with it as well. I’m really just darn happy with it. If I could make any changes to it I would move the magazine release just a little further back since I can barely reach it and have in fact missed it during reloads on occasion. The little cutouts for your fingers on the grip is one-size-fits-all, meaning it fits no one, and would only provide a good fit if you had some big old Tony Robbins hands. Other than that it really is simply a great gun, for me at least.

This next season should be a great test for it’s performance and durability and I’ll post some updates along the way. I hope I’ve found my Production gun.

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