idpaI really wanted to make it to a pistol match but my schedule hasn’t been very conducive to making it to a local USPSA match lately. I found out that there was a local IDPA match that happened to be at a time when I could make it so I registered via the Shoot And Score It site (which is the bee’s knee’s BTW) and started looking for a cover garment. As it turned out the temperature was about 15 degrees when we got started so I wound up with several cover garments.

USPSA is my primary focus and I’m used to how that sport works, know the rules and how not to get on the wrong side of them. IDPA, not so much. I’ve shot 2 IDPA matches in as many years and probably racked up more penalties than points on both of them. So I decided to just focus on calling every shot and use this for practice for USPSA. As it turns out, that’s a pretty good strategy and I wound up doing much better than I typically do at IDPA.

In the class I took last month from Gabe White we had a full day of shooting on the move which wasn’t something I was comfortable with doing, and I was a pretty poor shot in that context after about 7 yards. I feel much better about doing it now after his training and it really helped me in this match.

I scored pretty darn low in the last IDPA match I shot and racked up some serious penalties for not using cover, reloading in the open, on and an on. I wasn’t great in that regard this match and did get dinged for not using cover and shooting a no shoot in the face. But I did focus on calling my shots and having some real visual discipline and it paid off. I wound up taking second in SSP and was Most Accurate overall for the match! So it goes without saying I was happy and a little shocked with the results. The pace is so much different from USPSA and takes some getting used to, but it is a fun match. I really like the focus on accuracy which forces me to slow down and to call my shots.

So will I shoot IDPA again. Yep. If it happens to fall on a day when I can make it I’ll be there, just not getting the silly vest yet.

The Frozen Chosen IDPA Match
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