bI’ve been USPSA ranked in C class for the Production division for quite a while and really wanted to move up to B class. Although I’ve been getting closer I have had a tough time breaking through the 60 percent needed to get reclassified. Well I’m happy to report that after too many fits and starts to speak of,  I’ve finally made it to B class!

I never thought I’d be in C class so long but after deciding that it was time and I’d do whatever it took I finally made it. I know some people make it sooner than I did, but it took me doing many hours of dry fire for months as well as much live fire as I could fit in to my hectic schedule. I almost made it a several months ago but I had a lower classifier roll off a higher classifier and actually drop my average. At that point I made the decision to make B class and do whatever it took. I refocused and pretty much only shot USPSA and skipped Practical Rifle and 3 Gun to get more pistol training under my belt. I reread Brian Enos’ book among several others, listened to a few different shooting podcasts and made it my nightly ritual to dry fire. It’s great to see all of the hard work finally pay off!

The timing is actually spot on since this is the time of the year where we think about what took place this year and set our goals for the next year. Now that I’m ranked as a B class shooter I’ll have to decide on what to do next. Shoot for A class? Switch to Open division and get B class (or better) ranked in that division too? We’ll see what the new year brings. But until then I’ll just have some fun and celebrate a bit before worrying about the next step.

New USPSA Ranking – Made B Class!
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