I made a quick trip to the range to sight in my M&P for this weekend’s match since I changed the front sight out on it recently and grabbed the new Glock just in case I had time to try it out. As much as I’ve been champing at the bit to fire it, I’ve forced myself not to touch it until after this weekend’s match since I don’t want to mess up my index and NPA with the M&P until I’ve had time to put in the practice in both dryfire and live fire with the new Glock. Just spending 20 minutes dryfire the Glock to see if I liked it or not had me indexing the M&P with the front sight low so I had to quit screwing around with the Glock.

Then all of my new G34 parts arrived so I spent a little time getting the new trigger system, recoil spring, and new fiber optic sights installed and bore sighted. I figured since I was going out to sight in one pistol, might as well sight in the other one while I was at it. To sight in and verify my POA/POI I setup a USPSA target with some pasters on it as well as a steel plate at 35 yards and let it rip. After a couple of drifts of the M&P’s sight I was happy with it and moved on to the G34’s new set of Dawson Precision adjustable fiber optic sights. A couple of magazines later the windage was perfect and the elevation was as good as it was going to get. It was hitting a couple of inches high at 10 yards but there was not enough adjustment left to get it any lower. As a side note, I was informed that the barrel to frame junction would break in together, typically improving accuracy and changing the POI due to getting a better lock up. So we’ll see how that goes before sending the front sight back for a different size one. At 35 yards it was dead on which was a bit surprising to me since I assumed it would be high, too. It had no problems ringing the center of the steel plate over and over from an unsupported shooting position so the accuracy from the factory barrel with this load is certainly acceptable.

OK, I have to put it down…

I shot the El Prez a few times at 10 yards with the M&P to get a baseline and thought, what the heck. I’ll try the Glock and wound up shooting the best time and score of the day with it. Off to a good start. After that I emptied the rest of my mags with a 7 yard bill drill and a little weak hand shooting and took refuge from the storm in my car and went home.

All in all, I fired about 70 rounds through the Glock and didn’t have a single issue with it which is encouraging since it is brand spanking new and packed with aftermarket parts. Very encouraging so far! Overall I really like it. The grip angle really suits me and is the reason I’m trying out the Glock in the first place. The accuracy is there and I know it’s much too early to judge it’s reliability, but it looks like it’s going to be a good runner for me. I’m certainly looking forward to getting my time in with the new pistol and seeing where it takes me.

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