Mike Seeklander has released a new book that looks another winner. Your Defensive Handgun Training Program: A functional training program for defensive handgun purposes is now available on Seeklander’s site as well as on Amazon.com. If it’s anything like his last book, Your Competition Handgun Training Program, it is sure to be a great training assest well worth the money and time investment. Here’s the description from the author’s site:

“Another great performance enhancing product from Shooting-Performance (www.shooting-performance.com), “Your Defensive Handgun Training Program” is the cutting edge functional training program for developing skills needed to survive a high stress encounter. While there are dozens of tactical handgun books out there with great material on technique alone, most do not address the “how to train” questions. Training drills alone do not address the complex needs of someone during a high stress encounter where lethal force might be needed, and this book contains an entire program dedicated to all aspects of training for a fight. 

Addressed within this comprehensive book is: Mental Preparation, Physical Preparation, Firearm Skill Preparation, Alternate Methods of Training, The Training Design Cycle, and detailed drills designed to train every aspect needed to survive. 

If you have ever wondered how you should be spending your hard earned money on ammunition and precious time, then this book was written for you.”

If you’ve been a subscriber to Recoil Sports for any amount of time you will recall my review of his last book which has been the single best piece of information I have every know in regards to training, not only for competitive shooting, but can be applied to anything you want to do better. It goes beyond With Winning In Mind (although probably heavily influenced by it) and builds a system of training that in my opinion is unparalleled in building skills for consistent excellence.

I expect this new book will be very similar to his last book with the modification of the drills which are defensive/combative focused. We’ll see. I plan to get a copy as soon as a Kindle version becomes available, so expect a review shortly after that time. I’m sure it’ll be recognized as the best text on the topic if it’s anything like his competitive shooting program.

New Book: Your Defensive Handgun Training Program
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