Sorry for the delay in posting about the March Practical Rifle match at TCGC this month, but better later than never, eh? In hind sight, I have to say it was probably one of the best PR matches I’ve been too, certainly in the top 5. It really had everything from lying on a ridge, prone with 51 pieces of steel to ring, to CQB run and gun, to challenging offhand support side targets. It really did have it all and just made my weekend it was so much fun.


Alright, this may have been the single best stage of my shooting career. Upon the timer’s buzzer you dropped to prone, the best position for picking off steel targets, and had 120 seconds to ring as many of the 51 pieces of steel as you could before running out of time. Big ones, little ones, Robert Wrights, MGMs, little 3″ reactive targets, tombstones, IPSC, etc. It had them all. Anyone who shoots with me knows how much I love these kind of stages, so I was a kid in a candy store.

I was shooting my DMPS 3G1 with my Meopta ZD on 4x and was feeding it a steady diet of Montana Golds from my SureFire 60 round magazine until the SureFire bound up causing the bolt to miss the bottom edge of the cartridge and it slammed into the side and damn near went through it. Ripped it out, rack rack rack, slammed in a PMAG, charged it and went on my merry way, happily ringing plates until the par time stopped me. Even with the malfunction I still managed to get 44 of the 51. Other than the SureFire gacking on me, all of the gear worked swimmingly and it took my love of my new Meopta to a whole new level. It just seemed to land on the next target and settle right into place. Crystal clear and bright as life.


This was a great little stage to really challenge your ability to shift quickly from distant to close to distant targets. You had 4 targets of different sizes at different distances that you had to ring once and repeat as many times as you could until the 120 par time ran out. The little MGM out at 240ish yards really gave some shooters a difficult time right after hitting a plate that was close enough to hit with a rock.


Ever shoot IDPA? They all start out with some scenario where you’re out for ice cream and a band of drug crazed hippies try to kill you with crystals and pachouli or some crazy thing like that. Well this was sort of like that, but didn’t stink like hippies, in fact it was awesome and involved knives, ARs and a suppressed 45. You started the stage in a chair and when the timer went off you put a knife into an IPSC target, picked up a suppressed HK and took out another target. Then you picked up your rifle and ran around blasting targets.Total kick. Thanks, Jeff for the HK!


10 plates, 120 seconds. But you had to shoot them offhand but if you missed you had to switch sides and reengage. The first 7 fell easily enough, the number 8 target gave me hell and I had to switch a few times to finally ring it and the rest. It was the only time of the match that I felt I didn’t do well as I could have and should have exercised more visual patience.



March Practical Rifle Match