Yesterday was the last day of 2011 and it was also the last of the Iain Harrison invitational CQB matches at Tri-County. After the 1st of the year it will become Tri-County’s 3Gun match so I was glad to have had made it. The match director put together 5 stages with a fairly high round count with some great hoser stages much to the delight of the 15 of us that were able to make it.

I decided to run my DPMS 3G1 with the Meopta ZD which really isn’t the optimal optic for this CQB style match, but I really wanted more time behind the ZD so I left the EOTech AR at home. I’m sure overall I would have done better with the EOTech but the 4x was just what I needed for getting my hits on some very limited exposed targets hiding behind no shoots. I was able to peel off some nice headshots without getting any penalties which would have been tough with the EOTech. I’m sure I’ll become more proficient at looking through a tube as time goes on but it’s certainly a shift for me to move away from my EOTech at these distances.

Overall, the match went well considering how rusty I felt, but I did have a Benny Hill moment on the first stage when I forgot how hard it is to get a fully loaded GI mag into my DPMS. I had this song going through my head the whole time I was fumbling my way through the stage. Kind of a bummer, because of the screw-up and the extra shot penalty I incurred I just missed the podium and took 4th. I think I need to pick one rifle and stick with it, dry fire with it, and let it become an extension. Sounds like a good New Year’s resolution.

Last Match Of The Year
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