Shooting concealed is slow

After a series of unfortunate scheduling conflicts that has kept me from making any USPSA matches in the last four months, I was finally able to make a pistol match! Unfortunately it was the annual concealed carry match that the club created to give people a chance to practice some dynamic scenarios with their carry system. Fortunately the new match director said that this was the last one since the club now has a regular IDPA match that people can attend to try out their pocket guns. Although I’ve been wanting to get some classifiers knocked out and start working on making the next class, I have barely touched a pistol in the last four months and would have probably bombed the classifier anyway. Luckily there was no classifier for this match which I was pretty happy about.

I did recently order my new Production gun that I can’t wait to get my paws on, a M&P Pro which because of shipping SNAFU has yet to arrive, so I arrived with my trusty M&P with it’s freshly installed Apex RAM and a new Dawson fiber optic front sight that I hoped would improve my sight acquisition. Until now the only other thing that has been done to my M&P is the addition of some grip tape to the grip so I was wondering how the new gear would affect me once the timer went off. Well in my typical match routine where I screw up the first stage or two before finding my groove, I lost all discipline and raced through the first stage, not focused on the front sight or calling my shots and did pretty poorly. The next stage I forced myself to slow down, focus on the front sight, and pull the trigger with some control and started to hit things the way I should. Alright, back in business.

I have to say, I don’t think it’s witty slogans that sell fiber optic front sights. My eye quickly found the bright red dot and was immediately on target. It was scary how it just seemed to be right on the next target and it was almost like the gun took off on its own to knock down the next piece of steel. In fact, looking back at the video of the match I didn’t miss a single shot all day, even on the little pepper poppers that were at the far end of the bay. I am a fan.

Since it was around 40 degrees out and we were required to shoot from and draw magazines from concealment, I was wearing a couple of bulky jackets that seemed to always be in the way and catching on things. My skills are rusty as can be right now but because of the extra “drag” I was really going slow and my reloads were horrific. My stage planning skills were also pretty atrophied so I made some serious errors on the clock that aren’t going to help my scores either, but being as long as it’s been I really can’t complain how I was shooting and it was as fun as ever.

December USPSA Match
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