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With my new Meopta ZD 1-4×22 in hand, mounted, and sighted in my next task was to find a new magnification throw lever for it. For those who are not familiar with a throw lever it’s simply a lever that clamps on to your optic’s magnification power ring that allows you to quickly adjust your magnification with a slight flick of the wrist rather than trying to grab on to it and rotate the ring in the traditional manner.

Fits like a glove

My last throw lever was fair at best and required constant attention to keep it working properly. First off, it was just too long. Having leverage is typically a good thing and it did allow for fast effortless operation, but the length caused it to get hung up on things and was part of the reason it was always getting knocked loose. My personal opinion is that they shouldn’t be any longer than the scope’s turrets. That way you can lay the rifle on its side and not have it resting on a kickstand. And if you leave it on 1x or 4 x it will slide easily in and out of its rifle case. Smaller levers don’t get hung up as

No kickstand here

much as long levers. The second issue I had with the old throw lever is that was always moving around and getting loose,

thread locker be damned. So because of these problems I decided to do some research before I whipped out my wallet and find a better mousetrap. I thought a good place to start searching was the Brian Enos forums which turned out to be a good move. It didn’t take too long before I stumbled upon

Charlie Drissel’s Cat Tails and after a little reading was ready to get one on its way to my house. A few days later it arrived and I had it on my Meopta loktite’d and ready to roll.


The first thing I noticed is the thing is really made well. The machine work and the finish are truly superb. It has the two halves stamped with the model and logo so you can’t

Won't interfere with BUIS

accidentally attach the two halved together backwards. Other throw levers I’ve seen just clamp around the magnification ring and aren’t really keyed to it. Drissel has done it right and made this throw lever like a puzzle piece with a perfect fit around all of the contours which again gives it a solid fit and feel.  It also runs pretty low profile around the magnification ring and has the perfect length lever. And in case you’re wondering, the ends where it screws together handily clear the scope mount, at least on my LaRue, and shouldn’t interfere with BUIS if you’re running them.


The whole thing looks very well thought out and Drissel obviously pays close attention to detail during the design and manufacture of his Cat Tails. Trying to find anything to not like about this throw lever has me coming to the conclusion

Clears the LaRue

that this may be the perfect throw lever. If I had to complain about anything it would be that you have to hunt these things down and mail off a check to get one which goes against my need for immediate gratification. There isn’t currently a website where you can peruse the models and options and you’ll have to be a member of the Enos forum to access his vendor page to order one. I did message him about that and he said that a website was in the works and he would have the ability to take online transactions. No idea what the domain is going to be but I’ll put it here if/when I hear about it.

So if you’re in the market for a throw lever for your new optic or you’re not happy with your current one, take a look at one of these Cat Tails because I think you’ll look no further.

Cat Tails – The Perfect Throw Lever?
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