Eager to get some trigger time on my AR I decided to pop in my CMMG .22 conversion kit and head down to Tri-County for a Speed Steel match. I talked a friend of mine into joining me who had never shot speed steel before and happily obliged and came bearing his Ruger MarkIII. We found a squad with just a handful of people in it and it turned out we were all shooting rimfire pistols/rifles so it was really nice to see how we all did with comparable gear as well as getting to use my Pro-Ears with out double plugging. The great thing about speed steel is that it goes pretty fast and you get a lot of practice acquiring targets as fast as you can. Oh, and there’s no cardboard to tape which really speeds things up.

The match went by pretty fast and with relatively few issues. I did have one stage where I was having some failure to feed issues on a couple of strings but changed magazines and I was back in business. It did tank me a bit on the stage but I guess I can’t complain since my guest’s Ruger, which always runs perfectly, ran like hell. It’s factory extractor pretty much gave up the ghost and tanked him on all of the stages. Bummer.

All in all we both had fun but agreed that although it makes for good practice, we both prefer USPSA/Practical Rifle since there is a lot more action. Almost made the top ten, too.

Second Speed Steel Match
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