This morning I was poking through the Brian Enos forums and noticed this thread in the training section discussing Mike Seeklander’s book, “Your Competition Handgun Training program.” A few minutes later I was on Amazon and had the book on its way. From the people posting in the thread it looks just like what I’ve been looking for. I often get to the range to practice and have no plan on what to train for that day and probably waste a lot of time and ammo just shooting groups or F.A.S.T. drills. It looks like Seeklander has put a comprehensive training plan together geared for the USPSA/IDPA shooter in mind with live fire and dry fire drills. It sounds like there are even vision and balance drills outlined and the feedback in the tread is overwhelmingly positive with testimonials from shooters who have followed the program with great results. I hope to find some little nuggets of knowledge that will finally propel me out of C class!

‘Come on postman!

Ordered “Your Competition Handgun Training Program”
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