Trying to get the kind of training we received at Magpul is tough since we really don’t have a place where we can shoot BSA or marksman drills without getting our range officer extremely upset nor are we able to shoot that quantity of ammunition on a regular basis due to the cost. But that doesn’t stop us from still needing to practice so making due we hit the TCGC action bays with our carbines and our .22 conversion kits. Targets were setup and arranged in a similar fashion along with a couple of extra of our own for some other drills we wanted to practice. We went through the meltdown drill where you bring up your carbine, fire a single round, safe, sling and transition to your secondary and fire one, holster, transition back to the carbine and repeat until your carbine is out of ammo. Sounds easy right? There is a reason it’s called “meltdown.”

Next we moved to a BSA drill, some marksmanship drills, some turning and shooting drills, and on and on… All and all I managed to shoot around 750 rounds of .22 through two of my ARs and started to feel tuned up again. Although the CMMG .22 conversion kit doesn’t allow you to train mitigating recoil, all other facets of the carbine are the same and we wouldn’t be able to practice much otherwise. How did I live without one of these?


Carbine Training With the CMMG