I dusted off my pistol gear and made it out to a pistol match at Tri-County Sunday for the August USPSA match. The stage design for this match was generally tougher than normal with a lot of long distance precision required to be competitive. Luckily the last Training Tuesday we had focused on headshots from the far end of the bay, shooting groups with and without the timer, and shooting around a barricade, just the right training for this match! Although it’s been a while since I’ve been able to shoot a match, I actually felt I shot pretty strong (for my current level that is) and made a minimum amount of mistakes. The biggest error I made was looking down after I finished a stage and realized my foot was outside of the fault line which tanked me for the stage.

The classifier for this match was It’s Not Brain Surgery which has you sitting in front of a table with your gun loaded and on the table. You have to pick up the gun and engage three IPSC targets, two headshots each. I shot it clean but unfortunately this is one of the classifiers that is just shot out. It was shocking to see how many good competitors zeroed this stage just racing through it.

Although all of the stages were a lot of fun, I must admit, Bad Time Tours was probably my favorite stage of the day. It was a total hoser stage with a bunch of targets near point blank range and a couple of reloads, fast and furious and full of adrenaline.

So I have another match under my belt and left the range with a big grin on my face. This is why I shoot USPSA matches and I can’t wait for the next one.

August USPSA Match At TCGC
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