Day three, at it again. Today was my favorite day of all of the training so far. Everything just came together and things just clicked for me. Like the prior days, this morning we again worked on fundamentals and shot some marksmanship and BSA drills to get warmed up. We then started to work on transitioning to our sidearm in the event of a primary weapon failure which was pretty awkward in the beginning but became second nature by the end of the day. I am just so used to fixing my problem and getting it back in the game that it took a bit to get used to the new process. We started combining everything we have worked on into some more complex drills that involved more elaborate movement drills while stressing situational awareness.

Since today was the last day we shot another round of marksmanship drills and BSA drills for score and swag/giveaways. I forgot that my 100 yard shot are a couple of inches high with my 50 yard zero so I pooched up one of my scores at the last minute and put a handful of rounds just outside of the line knocking me out of contention but one of my OTS buddies won and took home a nice Battle Comp for his efforts.

Next we shot the BSA again but this time for score and I tied with 2 others (one of them was my training buddy) and the three of us had to break the tie by shooting a drill where we had to turn and engage a target with 5 rounds from standing, speed reload and engage with 5 rounds from kneeling, perform another speed reload and 5 more rounds from standing. Fastest time wins. Well lady luck was on my side today and I also scored a Battle Comp from Allen at BCE (thanks Alan!).

We shot another drill, Kyle Lamb’s 1-5 drill and I yet again found myself in a shoot off with another student for more swag. This time we had to put 4 rounds into 3 two inch circles as fast as we could, best time/group to take the remaining Battle Comp. It took me a little longer than it should have to find my dot and holdover for the distance we were shooting from and shot three pretty respectable groups but took a little too long to do it and lost this round. What a kick.

Alas, our class was finished. We all huddled up at the benches, received a completion certificate and collected a load of swag, picked up brass and called it a day. In the end, I had learned to shoot much better from unsupported positions, built a steadier hold on the rifle, learned my hold offs at various distances, and am now able to put effective hits on target quicker than ever. Not bad for three days of training and just under 1500 rounds.

On the gear front, I did learn a hard lesson on properly lubricating a bolt carrier group. My trusty RRA failed to go into battery and pretty much stopped running causing me to have to transfer to my M&P a couple of times. When I got it back on the bench Alan came to the rescue with a bottle of Slip 2000 and drenched the BCG inside and out. That did the trick and the rifle was back up and running like a dream the rest of the day.


Magpul – Day 3
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