Day two of our Magpul Dynamic Carbine 1 class started out like day one, shooting marksmanship drills and BSA drills then progressed into movement drills. We practiced engaging threats while moving, turning and moving, and laying down suppressive fire while moving. We also worked on different types of reloads as well as malfunctions; running the gun dry, seating the magazine, double feeds, etc. Although it doesn’t sound like we did too much, in reality we did a amazing amount of work for one day. I probably shot over 500 rounds today alone and was just physically and mentally worn out at the conclusion of the day.

I did notice my groups getting tighter at greater distances today as well as shooting in unsupported positions, which until this class I hadn’t really had an opportunity to practice. My EOTech’s dot is finding it’s way on to target quicker as well as moving around less than it used too. I also remembered my holdovers…most of the time, and put hits right where I wanted them, so as I hoped I would see, quantifiable improvement.

As far as gear goes, everything seems to be holding up just fine. My RRA has been running perfectly so far and the belt setup and leg rig seems to be the right combination.

Pretty sore, but looking forward to another day of training.

Magpul – Day 2
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