Armed with my freshly overhauled M&P and the venerable Ruger MarkIII I headed for the Tri-County action bays for this week’s installment of Training Tuesday. I was really excited to see how I was going perform on my normal set of drills since I’ve started my 30 Days of Dryfire regiment but all of that went out the window when I pulled up to the bay that one of my training buddies had acquired and noticed that a plate rack had been left behind. We normally don’t have access to steel targets so we don’t ever get to practice on them and therefore very inconsistent with plate racks and Texas stars during the matches. But as luck would have it, we had one today.

We started at 10 yards and took turns timing each other on the plate rack until we had gotten to a fairly regular pattern (5.43 being my personal best) and then setup a small stage with a couple of IPSC targets to go along with the plate rack as well as moving through two shooting positions and a mandatory reload. After running that for a while we moved back 21 yards from the plate rack and started running it. A little distance, a big difference! My best time at 21 yards was 9.08.

The M&P was running like a dream after all of the recent attention but seemed to be shooting a little high since the removal/reinstallation of the sights and quickly devoured almost all of the 9mm rounds I brought, so I transitioned to the .22. We started running the plate rack again at 10 yards with the Rugers and just working on the rhythm and cadence. Starting from the low ready we started to really pick up some steam and the best time of the day achieved by one of my training buddies was 2.60! I managed a 2.95 at one point but couldn’t touch the first place time.

So is the dryfire helping? I’d say yes although I didn’t run any of our normal drills to quantify, but I did notice my sights seemed to find the targets quicker than normal, especially from the draw. I guess I can’t expect too much being it’s only been one week of dryfire so far. I’m looking forward to more dryfire and seeing the dried fruits of my labor in the next match results.

Training Tuesday – 6.7.2011
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