I was recently reading a thread on Sniper’s Hide where some people were discussing whether or not it was possible to hit a soda can at 250 yards with a .22. Several people accepted the challenge and were hitting a soda can sized target with pretty good regularity proving not only was it possible, it was less difficult than most of us thought.

Last weekend I was in Madras taking a long range precision shooting class and during a break I recalled the 250 yard challenge and thought I’d give it shot with my .22 Savage. We didn’t have a 250 yard target to try and hit, the closest target we had was a steel tombstone at 400 yards. I loaded up a magazine with some subsonic SK Plus rounds and started cracking off rounds until my scope was out of elevation and started holding over until I was on target, which was pretty much when the target was at the bottom of the tube. It wasn’t the most reliable way to get hits, but it worked, it rang. I was able to hit it about 25% of the time and I’m sure that would be better if I was able to use my crosshairs on the target.

I got such a kick out of it I thought I’d take some video of it.

[media id=9 width=640 height=360]

400 Yards With A .22LR