After a poor showing during last Saturday’s IPSC match in Dundee I decided to reevaluate my training routine and think about what I could do to ensure I start working my way up the USPSA classification ladder. I really thought I would have done substantially better during that match since I have been working hard on improving my skillsĀ  during my “Training Tuesdays” that I have been posting about. But to be honest, overall I did worse than I usually do.

When I first started competing I bought the book Refinement & Repetition, Dry Fire Drills for Dramatic Improvement and started dryfiring in my garage and the results were amazing. Part of the reason for the vast improvement was due to me being new and you always learn the most at the beginning. But the book went on the shelf and for some reason I never got around to opening it again. Add in the lack of training and shooting in general and you have the perfect recipe for poor performance.

So after much thought I’ve decided to start up my dryfire training again, but this time I want to perform a little experiment. I want to see how I do after dryfiring everyday for an entire month following the protocol in my book. I really hope to see dramatic results in the next match I shoot. I am also logging my times in the space allocated in the book so I should start seeing quantifiable results over the next month which I will share one there is something to see. Who knows, maybe I’ll even make it to B Class this summer.

30 Days Of Dryfire
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