I recently decided, well actually it was my wife’s idea, that Tuesdays would be a dedicated training day and got it on the schedule. The point is that if it’s on the calendar then it should rarely get trumped by another event and I should actually get out and practice with some regularity again which I desperately needed. So take one, I told a couple of my friends about “my” idea and once we decided on this Tuesday would be a pistol training day, we met in one of the TCGC action bays geared up and ready to go. We started with the MarkIII’s just to warm up and work on the fundamentals like sight alignment and trigger control and took our time shooting groups at about 15 yards or so. Next we moved to the large(er) caliber handguns, for me that means a M&P9 to shoot a few groups to work on recoil control not present with the .22s.

On to the drills. First on the docket was the F.A.S.T drill which I’ve known about but never tried before. Out of nearly a dozen times I only shot it clean once with a time of 5.33 which wasn’t too bad for me. Next we decided to setup some classifiers and practice them on the clock. We started with Thunder and Lightning which was a particularly vexing classifier to one of my training partners who bombed it during a match and slid down a class. But hey, who didn’t bomb that one? 5 second par times are tough! Next was the El Presidente, then it turned into just a refinement exercise where upon the timer start you’d engage an IPSC target, one to the head, reload and one to the chest. A few more F.A.S.T drills and collected our brass calling it a day.

Reflecting back I think it was a great training session with all of us learning something new and shooting just a little better than we did when we arrived. I hope each “Training Tuesday” is as productive. A couple of discoveries on my part were that I wasn’t focusing on my front sight consistently and that I hold my breathe instead of managing my breathing/timing. Note to self, work on that and some dryfire wouldn’t hurt either.

Training Tuesdays
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