During this weekend’s 3Gun match my trusty Smith and Wesson Full Size M&P 9mm passed the 10,000 rounds fired mark and now sits at 10,051 shots fired. During this time I have had exactly ONE malfunction, a stovepipe, probably due to a undercharged handload. Amazingly I haven’t had more malfunctions since probably 90% of the rounds it has devoured were handloads with various bulk bullets, whatever was available at the time and inexpensive. And what’s even more impressive is that I really don’t do any maintenance on the gun. The occasional cleaning when things got really dirty and I figured it was time. Never once did she complain! I also replaced the guide rod assembly at 6000 rounds because it started feeling a little mushy but had no affect on performance. Since I switched from moly coated lead bullets to jacketed hollow points the cleaning has become almost unnecessary and looking back on my shot log spreadsheet I see it’s been 1,866 rounds since I last touched it off the range. I cannot complain about the reliability of this gun. Of courseĀ  don’t tinker with it other than refreshing the grip tape I add around the grip, other than that it’s completely as I bought it.

It’s been a great runner and looking forward to the next 10,000 rounds. For it’s reward I might actually clean it and try to get the front sight’s white dot white again because it’s filthy! Kudos to Smith and Wesson for producing such a reliable and accurate system.

S&W M&P Breaks 10,000 Rounds