This month’s Practical Rifle match was the annual 3Gun match and consisted of four stages where you were to incorporate your rifle, your pistol, and your shotgun. Since I still don’t own a shotgun I borrowed a friend’s Mossberg 930 again which was the same one I borrowed for the CQB 3Gun match I competed in a couple of weeks ago. The Mossberg’s owner took my feedback about some of the issues I experienced with it in the last match and tore it down, cleaned and lubed it in the hopes it would perform without issue this match which it did with the exception of on fail to eject with a slug. The FTE may have been more to do with me not leaning into it enough when shooting high powered slugs thought it, but I digress.

The stages were really setup well and had quite a bit of fun things to shoot including swingers, a Texas star, balloons, and a couple of spinners, one of which had to be spun with a pistol which gave a lot of people a hard time. Still reeling from the same infernal spinner that I couldn’t get to spin with my pistol during the last match. I tried to ensure I didn’t have a repeated failure by loading some hotter rounds and forcing myself to breath. I tend to unconsciously hold my breath and we all know how fast that degrades your vision thus exacerbating the lousy shooting. But I’m happy to report that I did get it to spin without running out of ammunition!

All of my gear ran simply flawless and my DPMS 3G1 functioned as expected, hitting everything I pointed it at. I reconfirmed zero with it recently and found it to be 2.25 MOA low and corrected it which put it squarely on target. In fact I only missed one shot with it the entire match while shooting offhand. I did do poorly on one stage where you only had five shotgun slugs to use on 3 different size targets, each smaller and higher points than the next. I hit one of the targets with my first shot but it seemed to be shooting high for me and I shot over the remaining targets. Maybe I should just breakdown and buy my own shotgun. One noteworthy event from the gear perspective, my M&P passed the 10,000 round mark on the first stage!

Practical Rifle 3Gun Match
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One thought on “Practical Rifle 3Gun Match

  • May 16, 2011 at 12:12 am

    Thanks for the post. A classic ‘Gun-age `a Trois’, three way fun! It was a great match. Took awile to uncase and case 3 guns but worth it. I’m glad you killed the swinger. It kicked my butt. Twice. Crap. I think wearing my tinted shooting glasses instead of my sun glasses may have helped me see a little better and thus shoot better and hit more. Learned something else.
    Keep posting. Good Stuff.

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