I saw a post on one of my favorite blogs showing some statistics from the year and I thought it would be fun to compile some statistics for 2010. Since I keep pretty detailed records of all of my systems in a spreadsheet I have all of the data I needed already so it was just a matter of making Numbers dance a little. One thing you’ll probably notice is that match attendance is pretty low this year, 24 matches total for the year. This is due to having my first child in April and a busy summer with work. I’m hoping to significantly increase that in 2011 after I recover from the back surgery I just had. I’m hoping for more opportunities for practice, too. It is really hard to improve when you don’t even dryfire. Here’s looking at making B class in 2011!

Miscellaneous Statistics From 2010

  • Total shots fired – 7967
  • Total centerfire – 5906
  • Total rimfire – 2061
  • Most used system – M&P FS9 (39%)
  • Shots via semi-autos – 5908
  • Shots via bolts – 2059
  • Precision matches – 4
  • USPSA matches – 10
  • Rifle matches – 10
Shooting Stats From 2010
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