The men in brown arrived yesterday bearing my freshly reworked 3G1 rifle from DPMS. If you’ve been following my posts about my DPMS rifle and the problems I had with it this is the continuation of the review and prior range report. Just a quick recap; After much research and reading the Front Sight review, I bought a DPMS Panther 3G1 from Nelson Tactical for my new race gun. Once in hand I slapped on a TR24R and hit the range to sight it in and see what I could do with it. Unfortunately it was plagued with short stroking issues and would feed from inconsistent to not at all depending on the ammunition used. It was also not configured as it was described in the reviews I had read about it, so after speaking with DPMS it was shipped back for repair.
I spoke with DPMS the following week and was pleased they took the time to me all about how they diagnose and troubleshot the rifle and what they did to remedy the problems I had described. They wound up polishing the chamber and feed ramps then test fired 90 rounds though it without issue. I also questioned them on why it didn’t come with the TAC latch on the charging handle and I was informed that they no longer were outfitting the 3G1 with them after complaints that it was unintentionally getting caught on things by some shooters. I asked if they would mind putting a TAC latch on since they already had it and just charge my credit card for the modification and Mark said he’d put one on at no cost for my trouble. Kudos to DPMS customer service.

United with my new rifle I collected various types of ammunition from my stash; Federal M193, PMC Bronze .223, various configurations of handloads, and a box of my “diagnostic” Russian rounds. I setup on the 50 yard range, loaded some mags, crossed my fingers and let ‘er rip. I’m happy to report that all of the ammunition performed swimmingly except for the Tula which still short stroked. I never use Tula/Wolf/etc so not an issue for me. The bottom line is that with the quality ammo I normally use it ran perfectly and produced tight little groups downrange. One observation from disassembling it after the trip to the range is that the bolt is really stiff in the carrier but I suspect as the round counts climbs things will loosen up and it probably will run whatever someone would feed it.

So in conclusion I’m giving the 3G1 a thumbs up. It’s  very accurate and truly a great value for a competition rifle packed with great features like a JP trigger, Micheluk brake, and a VTAC handguard. And after my experience with DPMS customer service it seems that they stand behind their products and will do what it takes to make a happy customer.

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