I made it out to the 50/100 yard range today with Chris to test out the new Leupold scope and to try out some preliminary Sierra Match King bullets and Varget powder. I bore sighted the new Leupold in yesterday and the first shot through it was dead on center and high about 10 inches. after a few twists of the elevation knob I hit a few inches low. One more adjustment had it right in the bulls eye. I wanted to see what my pressures/velocities would be with the new cartridge so I pressed out some test rounds from 43.0 up to 45.1 to see what kind of pressure signs I’d have, which were none. I also pressed out 5 extra SMK/Varget cartridges at the OCW’s recommendation of 45.0 to see how they would group. I put two on paper that were tight and touching and the shot clock hit and I had to step off the line for a target reset. 10 minutes later I fired the last 3 which were as tight as the first 2 but a little higher I’m guessing due to a cool barrel. Initial thoughts…I like this load! BTW, I pressed these loads out in just a few minutes before breakfast with my new bitchin’ RCBS Chargemaster powder distributor. Freaking love that thing!

Chris and I took turns shooting groups with my old Lapua Scenar/Reloder 15 cartridges for a while  which don’t group as well. I did let the barrel cool and shot a 5 round group to 1 jagged hole and one that was a little off to the left. Not bad at all.

The new Leupold worked great. I think I might move it back just a hair but we’ll see once my new stock gets here and I have some time behind it.

First Shots Of Varget And Leupold