I made a quick trip out to Tri-County today to test out my new handloads in my freshly bedded 700. I chambered the first reduced load round, pointed the crosshairs at the dime sized sticker out on the 100 yard line, squeezed the trigger and was pleasently surprised that I hadn’t made any miscalculations and blew up my rifle! Actually being a light load of only 41.1 grains it was extremely soft and about four inches low. I fired off the rest of the 41.1 starter loads and started pointing at the next dot with the higher loads. I was shocked just how well each bullet was hitting the same area even though the load was increasing! I can’t believe how well my 700 was shooting with the handloads and the bedding job. It was like a whole different rifle!!

I did notice two things as I worked up to the higher loads. The pressure of 45.7 was too much and my bolt was getting sticky on some of the rounds. Also accuracy started to wain but I wasn’t sure if it was do to the load being too hot, the barrel starting to foul, or the barrel getting damn hot because I was ripping off one  shot after another.

I love it when a plan comes together! I really makes all of the long hours of handloading and bedding worth it.

First Shots Of Handloads And Bedded 700